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  Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my Beadwright website. I am an artist who loves to create in many mediums. I am best known for the 50 years I spent in the beading arts world. With hundreds of how-to articles published in many bead and art magazines, with 4 of my own books published. I also taught classes, design beading patterns, invented Nicole's BeadBacking, Looms By Mike and contributed to this art form with designs and techniques beaders are still using today. Due to lupus I have had to take a different path in my art endeavors and began painting again. In addition I have improved upon and developed my leather and abstract sculptures.

I reside in the Pacific Northwest and live just a mile from the beach. Now that is not the beach of my dreams. It is very cold and always windy. So no one dones a bathing suit to go to the beach. More like arctic gear. However, it is beautiful and the sea life is exciting when seen off the coast.

If you need to contact me please email me at;

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