Con't Ultrasuede NBB Sets
Ultrasuede & Nicole's BeadBacking Sets
Beadwright sells the highest quality Ultrasuede. The product name will be provided in each listing. Ambiance, Sensuede and Novasuede are three of the types we sell. These are perfect for finishing beading projects, textile art, multimedia art and home decor.

Ultrasuede® is the trade name for a synthetic microfiber fabric invented in 1970 by Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto, a scientist working for Toray Industries.Ambiance Ultrasuede is the highest quality and high performance fabric.

Novasuede™ by Majilite Co This distinctive material possesses the luxurious look and feel of fine kid suede. The soft surface has the appeal of stylish and elegant supple, nubuk leather. While Novasuede™ provides the aesthetic of expensive suede, it also offers exceptional performance. This specially engineered material is lightweight and inherently strong so it is easy to use in a variety of applications including conventional upholstery, wall covering and panels. Due to its unique composition, this suede-like material is easy to clean. Novasuede™ is comfortable in any season due to its natural ability to breathe. Weight for weight it has the strength of leather.

Sensuede is an elegant, supple, high performance textile made with recycled fibers. Breathable, comfortable and easy to clean. It is the quality choice for a variety of end uses.  Sendsuede is spill proof, wrinkle proof and shrink proof


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