Ultrasuede is the trade name for a synthetic ultra microfiber fabric invented in 1970 by Dr. Miyoshi Okamoto, Ultrasuede is a soft, plush Microfiber fabric that is all weather and breathable. We mainly carry Ambience,
a very high quality, very plush Ultrasuede.

Sensuede, is an elegant, supple, high performance textile made with recycled fibers.
Breathable, comfortable and cleanable, it is the quality choice for a variety of end uses for decorative interiors, fashion and accessories. The feel is soft and perfect for any type of beading or art project.
Majilite Corporation is known for a stunning array of faux leather microfiber products including Novasuede™ This high-performance luxury material provides superb comfort and excellent durability. Easy to clean and feels like soft leather. Novasuede has a slight stretch which is perfect to create with.

Ultrasuede Set ST98
Orig.: $24.00
Sale: $21.00
Ultrasuede Set ST99
Orig.: $27.00
Sale: $23.00
Novasuede Light Seafoam
Orig.: $6.00
Sale: $5.00
Novasuede Light Seafoam SF1L
Orig.: $7.00
Sale: $6.00
Novasuede Light Seafoam SFSDL
Orig.: $16.00
Sale: $14.00

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