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Welcome to Beadwright

Ohh it is time! come see all of the Spooky cabochons
Be sure to check out  The This n That page
It is a menagerie of all kinds of art, beading, sewing
and multimedia art supplies at reduced prices.
Think of it as your online yards sale.
Come back often to see what is listed.
Many of you have requested cabochon sets well they are here!
All hand painted and sealed for your beading and multimedia art projects.
Of course there are new single cabs too.
Here are just a few of them.



Ohhhh la la check out these embossed Ultrasuede and Sensuede pieces.

Here are 3 of the 5 colors in a basket weave pattern.


Partrige, Bamboo, and Jungle

These are just a few that we carry.

Check them out here


 Stock up on Nicole's BeadBacking.
It is the best foundation for your beading projects. 
Use as is or cut to size, or use cutouts for more depth in your beading.
Graft two colors together for color specific project.
There is no fraying, or fuzzys that come up through your rows of beading.
Nicole's BeadBacking (NBB) can also be used as a base for textile use
such as thread embroidery and needle felting.
Why not try your had at painting on with acrylics,
and the tooth to NBB is excellent for pastels.
The artistic ideas are limitless.




       NBB painted, beaded and designed as table art.          Using NBB to build layers for your beading is easy to do.
Try this and have fun!        





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