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Home of the original Nicole's BeadBacking

There are 9 amazing colors available in this set.

This is the best firm felt for your beading projects.

There are no edges to fray, no fuzzy uplifts between beads,

and if you have to remove a section of beads the fabric

will not be damaged. The colors do NOT run or rub off.

In addition, Nicole's BeadBacking, (NBB) is the perfect

fabric for ANY other type of art.


This outstanding beaded box was created by

Marlene Oman Emmons from AZ. She used NBB

as a foundation but also as a padding for the

cotton fabric she used.



This incredible beaded was created by Jean Evans.

She utilized NBB as a sturdy foundation wrapped in

lace beading.



This amazing piece was created by Lynette Ambruch

by using 2 different colors of NBB.

There are many ways to create with NBB. To name a few,
Felting, quilting, you can paint or use pastels, add to journal pages,
cut to size and shape for mosaics and so much more. 
Felting, mosaic, or make a fancy top hat for a doll or yourself.
    The ideas are endless



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